BMRC Clinic Archive

Most months we have a technical clinic with one of our members or a friend of the club presenting valuable information as well as offering tips and demonstrations of different aspects of our hobby. Many of these clinics were accompanied with some type of handout or presentation. You have found our archive where we share these presentations and handouts. We hope these documents prove to be valuable!





Clinic 2018 Ray Hoppes Jewelry Tools




Clinic 2017 Joe Baldwin Moving my large layout

Clinic 2017 R Hoppes Longmont Library Layout


                      Bill Casper Replacing A Turnout

%09" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-saferedirecturl="">                      Bill Casper   Building A Chain Link Fence From Scratch

                     Bill Casper  Fir Trees, Fast Easy & Cheap

                       Bill Casper   Building Metal Kits



Clinic 2016 J Baldwin Easy Electronic Projects

Clinic 2016 D Wright Making Trees

         Bill Casper     Rivers & Waterfalls


Clinic 2015 JMacDonald Paint Wheels and Trucks

Clinic 2015 BBrown air brush tips tricks

Clinic 2015 Rothe Working with Plaster


Clinic 2014 Doug Wright Making Trees

Clinic 2014 Doug Wright Black Foam Core

Clinic 2014 Lee Ryan DCC Advanced topics

Clinic 2014 Gilland Styrene shaping

Clinic 2014 Joe Baldwin Locomotive Troubleshooting

Clinic 2014 Ethan Eilertsen Spiral Easement Templates


Botkin, Bill Clinic on Passenger car LED Non-Flicker Lighting Circuits

Eric Lindgren O Scale Model Railroading

Gene Fusco Clinic RTV Casting 2013

Joe Baldwin's DCC A-Z Clinic

John Parker Model Railroading for Operations

Loren Blaney Clinic on Block Signaling

Loren Blaney Clinic on Soldering

Clinic 2013 Jerry Gilland Photo Etch advanced


Doug Wright Clinic on Super Trees 2012

Jerry Gilland Clinic on Photo Etching 2012

Jim Eaman Clinic on Red Rosin Paper 2012

Joe Baldwin Clinic Kit-Bash with a Bandsaw 2012

Ron Keiser Large Scale Clinic 2012



Joe Baldwin Windows 7 Com Ports 2011


Jay Mills on Molds and Casting 2010

Joe Baldwin MRR Overpasses 2010

Loren Blaney Clinic Crossing Gate System 2010

Russ Boehm Static Grass Applicator Clinic 2010


Bill White Clutter Clinic Rev 3

BMRC_Clinic Jay Mills Circus Wagons 2009

Bob Rothe Modeling Mindset

Jay Mills Circus Wagons

Jerry Gilland on Weathered Wood

Jerry Wilson on Tarpaper Roofing

Joe Baldwin Lessons Learned on Track 2009


Doug Wright Clinic Making Deciduous Trees 2008

Russ Boehm Clinic on Tools 2008



CLinic BMRC FoamRail 2002