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The Trout Creek and Western Railroad
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  Trout Creek & Western RR


      Sitting between Colorado’s South Park and the Arkansas River valley,  just up the mountains above the town of Buena Vista, is the little known Trout Creek Pass.   When mining was at it peak, in South Park ran the Denver, South Park & Pacific railroad, above the Arkansas river ran the Colorado Midland railroad and along the river came the Denver & Rio Grand Western railroad.  Even today, the UnionPacific railroad still has an un-used track through Buena Vista.   All of this was the idea behind the freelance short line railroad called the Trout Creek and Western Railroad .

      The Trout Creek & Western Railroad short line serves as a connecting line for the western railroads to the mining and tourist mountain areas, the oil industries as well as farming, cattle and ranching businesses during the transition time period of the late 1940's, the 1950's and into the 1960's.    It is not unusual to see tourist,  passenger,  lumber, cattle, ore, oil, and mixed freight trains running both on the mountain narrow gauge and below on the standard gauge main line tracks of this railroad “Connecting the West”.


Layout Detai Overview 

The Trout Creek & Western RR layout is a module layout comprised of 24 modules. Ten of the modules are 3' in depth and the rest are 2'. About half of the layout has Dual HO and HOn3 track which connects the two mainline HO tracks with the "mountain line" narrow gauge HOn3.  The track in yards and industrial spurs allows HOn3 to run 2/3's of the entire layout. Thus the name  Trout Creek & Western.

     The general time frame is the transition period from steam to diesel with the mountain area in  the mining period using narrow gauge steam and tourist trains as well. The details are now complete and not under construction as they were when the layout was at your March 2011 show.

      The actual dimensions of the entire TC&W RR layout are 21' x 36' plus a 2' walk around making the space need of 25' x 40'.  



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